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A long range of neurological disorder treatments with state of the art medical facilities

The study of neuropsychology has consistently been making a number of significant discoveries and producing methods that would help to understand the human brain better and in a way that will be harmless to the patient while also providing long term benefits to any existing problems. Clinique NeuroSolution is one such place that offers all kinds of treatments and diagnosis to provide a complete check-up and devise a treatment plan for the patient. The team at this clinic consists of a multi disciplinary group so as to guide the patient and his family members throughout the entire treatment plan.

The three day analysis

There takes place a comprehensive assessment process that involves the understanding of how the brain is functioning for the particular concerned individual. These tests include the estimation of academic, intellectual, memory, attention, language, perception follow up todetermine the abnormalities in the functioning. This process helps the patient to realise his situation and get a better understanding of the future.

This assessment process takes two to three days to complete and a total of six hours of assessment setting is done. This is done in four ways. The first process includes a full one hour session to simply try and identify the problems that the patient is experiencing and to understand the consequences of these problems in the daily life of the person. The second step is followed by the experiments to determine the cognitive and motor skills of the patient through a scientific procedure. The following step includes the understanding ofthe test results and the diagnosis ofthe problem area and how to provide a solution to it. The last step is where the final questions are answered and safe and scientifically sound treatment plans are devised.

Family therapy sessions

This entire process of analysis is run through by the best professionals in the house. Apart from simply treating the patient at Clinique NeuroSolution, you will be offered a complete solution for family members as well to understand the needs and the medical situation of the patient so that when in care of the family, the patient is treated exactly the way they should be.

A long range of disorders and difficulties are diagnosed and this includes issues of academic derogations, giftedness, intellectual disability, development delays, learning disorders, traumas, stokes and many other neurological problems that require proper medical attention and a treatment plan that will reap the patient benefits in the near future.