A Look at the Hazards of EMF – and Some Top Ways to Minimise Your Risk of Exposure

We usually don’t think much about EMF – in fact, chances are you have heard of electromagnetic frequency before but have never realised how much it can influence your health. Completely understandable, since it’s a phenomenon that has raised concern only in the last decade or so. Blame technology; the over-exposure we have to EMF can be attributed to the modern marvels of technology; we’re talking about mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, microwave ovens, and so on. And to be sure, the dangers are real: EMF has been linked to cancer, stress, allergies, multiple sclerosis, and a wide range of other ailments and diseases. Here’s a look at the hazards of EMF – and some top ways to minimise your risk of exposure.

How it affects our health

Our body has tiny electrical currents streaming through it, via the nervous system and in the brain. Furthermore, there is a specific way in which each of our cells reproduces. Our bodies work in amazing but sometimes delicate ways. EMF can interfere with patterns and produce an imbalance that could harm the natural process. Think of this: when you hold a mobile phone to your ear, about 10 to 80% of the EMF radiation penetrates your brain as much as two inches. Short exposures may not be very harmful, but the book is yet to be written on what long-term and frequent exposure to radiation may do to our health.

Minimising EMF

There are several ways in which we can minimise EMF and how it affects us – mostly to do with time (shortening exposure time) and distance (by removing ourselves from the source of the radiation). Here are some concrete examples:

  • Hold the mobile phone away from your ear when making a call.
  • Store your phone in a bag rather than on your body.

Repair and recovery

Studies have shown that certain substances will help the recovery of damaged cells and repair damage quickly. Examples are:

  • Iodine
  • Sea vegetables
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Selenium
  • Noni

Don’t misunderstand: you will never be able to avoid EMF completely, even if you start wearing a tin cap on your head or wrap yourself in a home-made copper sheet whilst on the phone (besides, you’d look pretty silly doing it). But the fact is that EMF and its hazards are real, and its negative effects are only beginning to emerge. Be safe and follow common sense advice: avoid EMF wherever and whenever possible, use whatever EMF protection products you can find, like those from www.lifeenergysolutions.com, and take heart in the fact that the problem is under serious scrutiny. It’s your health we’re talking about, after all – and the health and well-being of your loved ones too.