flavoured eliquids

Add Some Flavour to Your E-Cig

When you first made the switch from traditional tobacco products to e-cigarettes, you most likely chose to go with the flavours you knew. You wanted something that reminded you of a ‘real’ cigarette, from the taste to the feel, and that choice likely helped you quit more quickly. Now you are finished with traditional cigarettes altogether and no longer need to replicate the feeling you had when you used them. So what do you do? Take your curiosity and feed it something new and exciting. Start with something you know, such as vanilla or cherry. These flavours are different from any traditional cigarette you smoked before, but their fresh taste and that familiar buzz of nicotine will quickly convince you of their value. Now that you have stepped away from the traditional and tried even one new flavour, it is time to branch out and build up your collection.

Flavour for E-Cig

Bring Some Colour to Your Habit

No matter how die-hard your habit is, eventually you will find yourself in need of something new. Berry flavour and other eliquids are your fastest avenue to a whole new world of enjoyment. Over time, you will find yourself wanting even more, and it is a great idea to mix and match your eliquids to make altogether new, unique flavours. From passion fruit to strawberry, you can find and create the perfect combination or flavour to fit any situation. Perhaps on Tuesday you find yourself with a craving for citrus, but come Thursday you want a mocha. With so many hundreds of flavours and millions of combinations available, you can have a new flavour every day of the week for the next ten years. A new flavour adds colour to your habit, and the added pleasure will increase your chance of quitting traditional tobacco products altogether. Remember the harsh taste of your first cigarette and breathe easier in the knowledge that you will never need to experience that taste again.

Bring Some Colour

Your Loved Ones Will Thank You

Face it, your friends, loved ones, and neighbours wrinkled their noses when you walked into a room before you made the switch to eliquids. With so many delicious new flavours in your repertoire, you will notice a visible change in their demeanour as they enjoy the better smell. The fear of negative effects is removed altogether, and you will never need to spend a lonely fifteen minutes outside in the cold weather again. In fact, enjoy your new fruity habit wherever you please, as the water vapour is completely harmless to you and those around you.

couple enjoying E-Cig

Step away from traditional tobacco products and take a look at a new, healthier, and better tasting alternative. Starter packs are cheap and e-cigarettes are easy to maintain, so take the time to go online and research where to start. You deserve a change to the norm and reduced risk to your health in the process. Educate yourself, feed your curiosity, and bring a brand new light to your day with flavoured eliquids.