Daily use of IGF-1

Are you looking for fruitful results in your journey of body building? Only following the supplementation cannot yield results either in bodybuilding or any kind of muscle growth programs. Only these supplements cannot create miracles without the help of a healthy diet and tuned training programs.

The perfect diet for bodybuilding includes more and more vegetables, lean animal proteins, reduced fats and carbs. Of course when it comes to a perfect diet for bodybuilding there will always be debates. But one common thing in these diet plans is all white flour and sugar are out.

Whether the exercise is for fat burning or to build bulk very intense and regular exercise is the key behind them.  Rest is the one more factor which should be considered. There must be significant amount of rest between workouts. Muscle growth happens during rest periods.

Supplementation comes at last in the bodybuilding plans. In the start one should give importance to protein supplementation. Some of the other includes mineral supplementation, omegas, and greens. One can even include IGF-1 sprays which highly support and accelerate the muscle growth. They have a similar chemical structure to insulin and hence tremendous gains can be seen from IGF-1 supplements when used along with a perfect diet pan and serious workout schedule. Otherwise only supplementation cannot achieve desired results. By using these supplements one can achieve boosted immune system, increased endurance and accelerated recovery process.

IGF-1 for sexual health:

IGF-1 can be very effective in improving sexual dysfunction. Even in Chinese folk medicine this was used for the same purpose. They were using it as a cure-all remedy when it comes to sexual issues. IGF-1 supplements can be used in improving libido and impotence. Many other antler extract supplements are available today which can be helpful in the similar issues.

Sexual arousal can be heightened and they can be used as a natural remedy for ED. More than muscle building qualities of IGF-1 promoters use its sexual benefits as a key in selling them.

Since it is an under tongue spray, it can bypass the ingestion or digestion. So this is the main reason it is used to improve sexual health.

Side effects:

People always should think about the side effects of any supplements before using them. Hormones related to growth and nerve is really delicate. Their balance in the body is of high concern. Throughout life balance of these hormones will be handled by pituitary gland in the body. So supplementations can sometimes add more amounts of growth hormones in the body. So this can lead to unwanted growth since receptors become over-stimulated.

This unwanted growth can lead to cancers and tumors. Some other side effects include sexual issues like gender-reversed characteristics, breast growth in men, and facial hair may increase in women.

But bodybuilders are not concerned about these side effects since they want other properties of these supplements. If used properly these effects can be avoided. Cycle time and dose must be followed as per instructions by a physician.