Developing Good Dental Habits for Life

When was the last time you were at an appointment and felt overwhelmed with new information, or quickly rushed out the door? Whether you are visiting a medical practitioner or professional in another field, it is common to feel as though the length of your appointment is simply too brief — you leave feeling as though your needs have not been completely met.

A good pediatric dentist should always ensure that you never leave an appointment without all of your questions being answered and any concerns about your child’s dental health will be alleviated. The dental hygienists at Growing Smiles are committed to keeping your child’s teeth healthy, and consider their patients as family. No two patients are the same, and the professionals at the office customize dental plans for each patient, making sure that they cater to their unique needs. Parents often have questions about how they can assist their children in keeping their teeth clean, and their team has ample tips and tricks that will help encourage kids to develop healthy, lifelong dental hygiene.

As with most things in life, developing good habits plays a big role to long-term success — and it is no different with dentistry. A good Growing Smiles will make sure that your child knows how to properly take care of their smile, setting them up for success as they grow up. Most importantly, if a child understands how to maintain their oral health from a young age, they can effectively prevent many of the dental problems seen in adulthood — something their future self will definitely thank them for.

So what exactly can your child expect when they go to the dentist? When a dentist cleans your child’s teeth, they typically should do three things. First, they should remove the plaque that has built up on their teeth. They should then move on to scraping their teeth to remove tartar, which typically requires a little extra effort to completely get rid of. Finally, the dentist should finish by applying a polishing paste to enhance smiles with a little extra shine. At Growing Smiles, their team not only completes the steps above, but also provide dental care education, to not only ensure your child understands how to take care of their teeth on their own, but to motivate them to regularly do so.

But no matter how good your child becomes at flossing and brushing, it is still important to come to the dentist around twice a year. Visits every six months help your dentist monitor your child’s dental health as well as allow proper monitoring that a child’s teeth and gums are on track and developing as they should be.