Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction – A Problem In The Making?

So how exactly does one get addicted to drugs? If you look at the life cycle of drug abuse, you will find that there are three distinct stages that a drug addict will have. The three-stage model was developed on the basis of the stages that actually take place in the brain when somebody starts experimenting with drugs, get soaked, and continues to use it for a long time. When you think about drug addiction in three different stages, it becomes easier for professionals to understand how far the addiction has grown and then devise the necessary treatments for it. The most important plus point for the three-stage model is that you will be able to administer the right kind of treatment for the stage that the addict is currently in.

Drug Addiction

The very first stage of drug addiction is typically binge consumption. This may also involve extensive usage of the drug and the desire to be intoxicated at all times. In this case, the addict finds that the drug makes him euphoric. It is something like the honeymoon phase that is temporary, but would make you feel euphoric. Since this is a space that can get you into the grips of the drug, it is tough to resist its charms. The person will continue taking the drug and then progress to the second stage.

Drug Addiction

The second stage is when the drug begins to exert a lot of control over the person. The addict finds that he is not able to function properly without the drug. If they don’t use the drug, they start to have a lot of negative experiences. Withdrawal symptoms can be terrible and very difficult to deal with. The reason why withdrawal happens is because when the person first starts using the drug, a lot of neural connections are made. Because of these neural connections, the brain will start craving more and more drugs and will make you feel terrible if it does not get it.

The third stage is complete addiction where the person’s thoughts are completely preoccupied with alcohol or the drug.


When you go to drug addiction treatment Center San Jose, such as Lyric Recovery Services, one of the things that you will learn is that even if you have progressed to the final stage of drug addiction, you will be able to recover and get back to your normal life. At the Lyric Recovery Services drug treatment center in San Jose, you can learn all about how the drug has controlled your life and then get it back from its grip.

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