Treatment methods

Energy Medicine – The Way The Treatment methods are Carried out

The healing specialist starts by “centering” that’s, focusing his creative or healing intention by pointing it inward to organize themself for assessing and dealing with the individual. The specialist draws energy into themself through his crown chakra and transmits it to their own heart (to make sure that no harm is completed), then out through his hands towards the client. The power can experience both of your hands, or through just the left hands, with the proper hands drawing negative energy from the client. The specialist may picture a wish and dedication to developing a specific outcome for that patient for instance, fulfilling an individual goal or aspiration, or he might simply facilitate the power for use for that client’s welfare. This creative, healing intention lines up the conscious, subconscious, and super conscious facets of your brain sets energy forces moving and could create immediate healings or any other manifestations.


No negative effects developing from energy medicine happen to be recognized. Some clients may express discomfort using the intensified energy at that time the counselor may proceed to another location or finish the therapy.

Using vibrational harmful toxins may slow down the prosperity of energy therapy. Such harmful toxins include alcohol (releases and misaligns the subtle anatomy), tobacco smoke (clouds and weakens the subtle anatomy), and caffeine (interferes with the flow of one’s). These modify the acupuncture meridian system that affects the etheric body, which then causes energy leaks within the emotional and mental physiques.

Clinical factors

The customer ought to be consulted about cultural products or traditions which are vital that you him, which ought to be integrated into the healing session in the way decided.

Research summary

Many studies offer the effectiveness of vibrational or energy medicine. However, further the research into its effectiveness is essential.