Find Out If Home Care Is Right For Your Family

As your parents age, it’s important to have a talk about their future, especially if their health begins to deteriorate and they need extra help living at home. Home care for seniors is a versatile and safe way to provide reliable long or short term care to an aging relative in your family; not only can you access care on demand, the right agency will tailor the services their personal support workers provide to your schedule and your loved one’s needs. Care agencies in Toronto don’t have waiting lists, they can provide a broad range of services including help with transfers out of hospital, and they employ thoroughly vetted, highly qualified, and compassionate caregivers.

There is no single profile of a family or a senior for whom home care is right; Toronto senior home care is the better answer to short and long term care for many different reasons and situations.

The Community – Many older Torontonians have lived in their neighbourhood for decades and they want to age near their neighbours and community institutions, even if they need a hand doing so. Many live near their doctors, optometrists, and spiritual institutions, and many others rely on commercial services in traditional neighbourhoods where merchants and professionals are fluent in languages other than English. It’s common to find streets in Toronto in neighbourhoods like Little Portugal, Corso Italia, Chinatown, or Willowdale, where many services, including spiritual ones, are offered in languages other than English, and are crucial for supporting seniors who may not have English fluency. Toronto home care agencies such as Mavencare can also provide personal support workers who speak your loved one’s language; the ability to speak to a caregiver is at the foundation of building a healthy relationship.

Beloved Family Home – Many seniors are emotionally invested in old family homes where they’ve raised their own children; it’s where they want to age and they may also want to keep it in the family by leaving it to their own children. Moving seniors living with Alzheimer’s has also been found to worsen the symptoms of the disease, while familiar environments tend to slow down memory loss, the house itself acting as a kind of memory bank.A number of agencies like Mavencare have also been putting greater emphasis on hiring caregivers who have trained in using Montessori Methods for Dementia, a system of providing those with advanced dementia purpose and enjoyment by exercising early functional memories.

Pets – Long term facilities regularly forbid residents from keeping pets with them, but pets can be valuable companions, especially for elderly persons who are prone to isolation and loneliness. A dog is also a great way to keep a routine after retirement, while taking the dog for a walk is a valuable source of exercise. A home caregiver may also be able to help look after a beloved pet if a senior is no longer capable of it themselves, but still finds comfort in the pet’s companionship – this is something you should ask about before finalizing any arrangements with a personal support worker.

Seniors want to age in the residence they decide to live in and home care can help you as a child or relative fulfill that wish. Aging in place is an important part of aging with dignity; hire a personal support worker who can make it easy for you as a family.