How To Prep Your Kid For Their First Filling

No one likes to get fillings! And when you’re a kid with no idea what to expect, any kind of dental work can seem that much scarier. Instead of feeling bad that your kid has a cavity, focus on what you can do to ease the process of fixing a super common problem. Here are some tips to get you and your kid ready for a trip to the dentist for a filling.

Play It Cool
Don’t freak out, because that will probably make your child freak out too! Use positive language that will help your kid understand what is going on to the best of their ability. “There’s too much sugar in your teeth and the dentist is going to clean it out.” It’s best to share only what you need to, rather than overcomplicate things.

Understand Your Sedation Options

Not all kids need laughing gas to get through a filling appointment, but it can do a lot to minimize anxiety and provide pain relief. Talk to the dentist about your sedation options before your child’s appointment and make the right decision together.

Learn From The Experience

Just because your kid is prone to cavities doesn’t mean you are doing a poor job teaching them about oral hygiene. There are lots of other things that can cause cavities aside from insufficient cleaning, like the foods your child eats, the shape and hardness of their teeth, and something as basic as the chemistry in their mouths. You obviously can’t control all of these things, but you can control teeth cleaning and food intake. Start talking to a pediatric dentist as soon as your child’s first tooth appears, and you’ll get the best start on a healthy smile for life.

Keep It Clean

There are so many ways to ensure your child’s oral health, from brushing twice a day to using fluoride. But learn all you can before you start developing a routine for your child. Choose a soft bristle brush, teach them how to floss, and make sure they’re able to spit before you work fluoride into the mix. Take all these precautions, and you should be able to limit trips to the dentist for a filling.

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