Little Known Facts about Condom Use in the US.

Even though a lot of Sex-Ed programs in US Schools focus on abstinence as the safest method to avoid unwanted pregnancies, research has proven that using contraceptive measures is always the best idea. Abstinence is quite risky, because it keeps young couples completely ignorant about the safe ways to have sex. And it is quite a well-known fact that young people are more than happy to experiment because of their hormonal urges, which means that they will never practice abstinence to keep pregnancy and risk of STD transmissions at bay.

Guttmacher Institute ( recently found out that most of the sexually active women who are not using any form of contraceptive measures while having sex are young girls between 15 years- 19 years of age. For women from Hispanic, African-American and Asian communities, numbers of unwanted pregnancies are even higher than normal. This shows that the system of sexual education overall is lacking and needs to revise its structure so as to make young couples aware of sex, risks and the measures to avoid them.

Condoms are the most popular and easy contraceptive method to use. It is easily accessible at any pharmaceutical store, and there are a lot of online sites coming up nowadays where you can order condoms at a decent price anonymously. However, not many people in the US know how to use condoms appropriately. There are various instances where men end up using wrong sized condoms, and this breaks the latex during sex. This again increases the chance of catching or passing sexually transmitted diseases and creates anxieties over unwanted pregnancy.

It is important to keep researching and getting more information so that you know how to work with condoms in order to ensure that they help you to have a stress-free life. Condomania ( shares a lot of articles on condoms so as to make people more aware about this contraceptive method. Here are some facts that show some of the common myths surrounding condoms:

– One size does not fit all:

A lot of people think that condoms can fit any size, but that is not true. If you wear a condom that is too tight for you, there is a high chance that it might break while you are having sex. Wearing a condom that is too big will mean that it can slip off easily as well. This is why you need to find out the length and girth of your erect penis before buying condoms. Also, some men automatically think they need a large condom because they are uncertain and insecure about their penis size. Such feelings should be addressed, so that you are wearing the right sized condom for your and your partner’s safety.

– Condoms can hold a gallon of liquid:

If you are worried that semen might spill out of the condom while you are still inside a woman, you do not have to worry. Condoms can hold a large amount of liquid. Just make sure that you hold the condoms onto your penis by the base while pulling out, so that it does not stay stuck inside the woman’s vagina.

– People with latex allergies can still use condoms:

How many times has a woman heard the same excuse from her partner that he can’t use a condom because he has latex allergies? While it is true that latex condoms are not a good idea for someone (be it a man or woman) with latex allergies, there are still condoms available which are made from polyisoprene and polyurethane which they can easily wear. These condoms are also easily accessible in pharmaceutical stores, and popular online sites like Condomania ( ).

– Woman also buy condoms:

Whoever thinks that condoms are supposed to be only a man’s responsibility needs to check the facts once again. Women usually buy close to half of all condoms, because condoms are the most non-intrusive contraceptive method that is quick and safe to use. There are a lot of women who use pills and IUDs etc to make sure they can’t get pregnant, but none of these measures provide any safety net against STDs. This is why condoms are perfect to avoid potential pregnancy risk and also infection.

– Condoms are very easy to find world-wide:

Because condoms are so popular, almost everybody has used it at least once in their lifetime and more. This means that they are very easily accessible everywhere, and popular brands like Durex manufacture condoms on a world-wide platform. This makes it easier to make their products available in different countries. So if you are visiting another place for some time, you will still have access to condoms to spice up your sex life.

– Do not keep condoms in your pockets for too long:

A lot of people are unaware about this, and they end up keeping their condoms in tight spaces which affect condoms. Condoms start deteriorating due to heat, and if you keep your condoms in your pockets for too long, they might break easily while you are having sex. Just keep them loose in your drawer shelves or in a wallet (or purse) which has lots of room in it.

– Do not use oil-based products with condoms:

Condoms made from latex are always susceptible to oil-based products. A lot of lubes use oil, so make sure that you do not use them while having sex. Research has also proved that water-based substances are way better than oil, so you should do some research before deciding what kind of accessories you ought to buy to enhance your sexual pleasure.

A lot of facts about condoms are not known to people, and that is why different online archives, like Planned Parenthood ( are doing their best to provide more information on this popular contraceptive method. You can read more articles to get an idea on how to handle condoms and make sure that they are functional while you are using them.

Different schools in the US might also have good Sex-Ed teachers who are willing to help their students to understand more about different contraceptive measures and learn how to use them for their benefit. Having a good interaction amongst students is also a good idea to ensure that they can provide each other the support they need to learn more about condoms, sex and possible risks. So share whatever you learn with your peers and you will probably be able to help them make better decisions regarding their sex life.