Natural Health – Natural Strategies For Better Sleep

Could it be hormonal? Emotional? Ill-health? Meals? Medications? Mental stress and worry? The like? Tense muscles or discomfort? The individual alongside you?

There are plenty of possible factors that may be related to sleep problems.

And you will find just like many or even more medication-based “solutions” for this problem that actually work for many people a few of the time.

If this sounds like an issue for you personally then among the best things you can do is start by taking your personal inventory.

Create a list of the items inside your existence is causing you to feel out of whack and track that daily for any couple of days. Notice whether it’s a continuing situation that may be disturbing your sleep.

This method allows you to concentrate on yourself and begin having to pay focus on things inside your existence and the body which you may not have access to observed before. Some imbalances could be adding for your problem.

Here are a few natural sleeping pills and tips to help you snooze the night time through:

–Keep the bed time routine consistent

–Help make your bed room as comfortable as you possibly can

-Eliminate clutter

-Remove televisions, computer systems, phones, and unnecessary lighting

–Put on pure cotton (organic is better) sleepwear

–Have comfortable pillows

–Have a Lavender Bath

-A couple of drops of St. Marie’s Lavender

(my fav from Youthful Living) inside your tub!

–Eliminate Caffeine and Sugar after 12 noon

–Put essential oils in your ft before getting into bed (see essential oils tips)

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