Serena Williams: Are There Real Proofs Of Her Using Steroids?

Was she using steroids? For how long have she been on steroids? Many such questions will come to your mind as soon as you start talking about the most famous female tennis player – Serena Williams.

Using steroids and other drugs for enhancing performance and overall stamina is such an accusation, which has followed Serena for years now. People look at her performance, physique, and emotional outburst and assume that she must be definitely on steroids.

Evidence of Serena Williams using steroids:

When we talk about accusations of steroids and drug usage of Serena Williams, there are 3 major evidences which come in mind. They are:

  1. Her body weight: She is definitely more muscular and defined than any other female tennis player. Her competitive nature and hard work does suggest that her muscular body is a result of hard and thorough training. However, there will always be questions about her physical appearance.
  1. On the court meltdowns: It is observed that Serena is always aggressive on court. She occasionally gets aggressive with judges too. Such a behavior on her part is related to hormonal imbalance which is usually a side effect of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.
  1. Unusual injuries: She gets injured several times and there are many cases in which she has to pull out of events on tour. Most of the time, these injuries are undefined. Those who are accusing Serena definitely believe that such undefined and unusual injuries are a result of performance enhancing drugs. For more, you can check out

What steroids can give you a physique like Serena?

Well, whether Serena is using any type of performance enhancing drugs or not, here is a list of top three steroids, which you can safely use to achieve a muscular physique like hers.

  1. Anadrol: This might seem like an aggressive choice for women, but actually it is the safest one. Anadrol increases muscle mass rapidly and give you a hard and muscular physique like you always wanted.


  1. HGH: HGH is not exactly an anabolic steroid, but it can definitely work wonders if you are looking forward to enhance your performance and stamina. HGH helps your bones, muscle, and connective tissues to grow faster.
  1. Primobolan: Well-known for enhancing endurance which is quiet needed for any athlete. Primabolan is usually suitable for women, who are anticipating making gains.

Even though she has never failed a drug test, the accusations of using steroids will never leave Serena Williams. After all, her physical appearance, unparalleled dominance in the women’s tennis world and her emotional meltdowns all go against her when she is accused of using steroids.