The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates, like yoga and spin class, is something you’ve probably heard about but never really seriously considered trying. Some see it as a type of exercise that requires dedication and going to a regular class, while others aren’t really sure what it is and assume that it’s not right for them. But Pilates is actually a very accessible form of exercise and it can benefit anyone. It’s easy to learn and doesn’t require any special equipment either.

What Exactly is Pilates?

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, and it’s not a new form of exercise. In fact, Pilates came up with this form of exercise during the early twentieth century and officially published a training guide in 1934. That guide outlined how to do a number of exercises that were low-impact and focused on strength, flexibility, and endurance. These movements focused on the hips, thighs, lower back, and abdominal muscles in a method that is similar to yet slightly different than calisthenics. Typically, exercises are done repetitively in a routine.

Pilates Works Your Core

One of the reasons many people love Pilates is that it works their core muscles and gives them that nice six-pack of abs and flat stomach that many people want. It also helps strengthen the back muscles, which can help in a number of different jobs.


Most exercises that focus on strength building tend to do so through weight-bearing exercises, but these workouts actually create muscles that are bulky and easily injured. With Pilates, your muscles are elongated and strengthened. You also improve your joint mobility and muscle elasticity, leading to flexible, strong muscles that aren’t as easily damaged.

It’s Fun

Pilates is a fun group event you can do at a gym under the watchful eye of a trained instructor. You’ll find a number of different gyms that offer Pilates in Perth, so you’re sure to find one that fits your schedule. Once you’ve learned how to do Pilates from an instructor, you can do a number of exercises on your own with just a mat. Your gym will most likely have equipment you can use, but you can do some basic exercises in between classes to keep in shape.

It’s Great for Older Individuals

Older adults may find that some forms of exercise are no longer pleasant to do, or they may discover that their bodies just can’t go through the motions of some of their favourite types of exercise any longer. Because it’s a low-impact exercise, Pilates can be a good way for the elderly to keep in shape without worrying about hurting themselves. It doesn’t place as much stress on the joints, nor does it require as much energy as other types of exercise. The focus is on the quality of the movements made, not on how many times they are repeated.

Many of the exercises can also be modified to take into account any injuries or conditions a person has. For example, while Pilates has been shown to help those who have osteoporosis, there are also some Pilates movements that can be dangerous to those with this ailment. The routines can be modified, however, to remove those movements and replace them with ones that help improve bone density.