Facial Implant

What do you need to know About Facial Implant?

In case, you wish to augment your appearance, you would have a wide variety of methods at your disposal. For hyper-pigmented areas, such as birthmarks, you could avail laser treatments. For age spots, you have chemical peels and microdermabrasion. For wrinkles, you could get a facial injections or face-lift. However, once you have your wrinkles sorted out or plumped up along with the dark spots lightened, you could look forward to correcting the structure of the face as well. For those, who are unsatisfied with their bone structure, there has been now face implant available to help them boost their self-confidence.

face implant

Making a face more square or angular could be done via bone augmentation or fat reduction or both. There have been two types of patients who would come for the surgery, as they might require a more defined facial look. Foremost would be the male patient who does not necessarily have a fat or full face, but desires more definition at various defining points of the face. In most cases, it would be called seeking of ‘male model appearance’. The second type of patient would be either male or female, who does have a fuller face and would simply want it to be ‘less round’. Their goals might not be so precise, as that of the first patient. Mostly, they would be younger, but could be middle-aged as well.

face implant

The various defining bony points of the face have been the jaw angles, cheeks and chin. Facial fat points would be the cheeks and neck. In case, you have been searching for that ‘male model appearance,’ you would be usually looking at the combination or trio of jaw angle, cheek and chin implants. The thinner the face, the more profound the result would be with the triple implant approach. When you have been placing three implants or at the same time, changing three facial prominences, it would be best not to overdo it. Large implants in all the three mentioned places could create an unnatural or artificial appearance.

Facial fat points

Cheek implants never appear too good, especially when they are too large. Subtle cheek changes have been more natural. The appropriate size of a chin implant would be easier to know, as the amount of chin deficiency could be measured in the profile. A majority of men should consider a squarer chin implant style, as that has been often what various patients are trying to achieve. Jaw angle implants could rarely be too large, as they have been manufactured small. The thickness of tissue along with the jaw muscles over the jaw angles could cover a great deal of the implant.

Cheek implants

People, who have been trying to de-round a face, must use slightly different approach. Fat removal in the neck and in the cheeks has been a vital aspect of de-rounding. In addition, it has often been done with a chin implant. In rare cases, cheek implants might be considered, but they have to be small. This kind of facial de-rounding has been more subtle than squaring a face with most dramatic changes occurring in the neck, but less in the cheek along with side areas of the face.